Advanced Eye Cream (25ml)

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Artfully crafted specifically for the fragile, sensitive area just below those shining eyes

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Artfully crafted specifically for the fragile, sensitive area just below those shining eyes, Apeiro’s Eye Cream consists of a magnificent, natural formula specially synthesized with organic elements. This raw mix of the most potent anti-aging ingredients known to man instantly minimizes the appearance of unsightly lines and wrinkles.
Apeiro’s Eye Cream is developed using the apex of anti-aging science. This means dramatic improvement in the appearance of the under-eyes is just within reach. Utilizing cutting-edge and all-natural ingredients, corner creases, under-eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, lid creases, and under-eye lines are as good as gone with application. The under-eyes also experience reduced puffiness, dark circles, and dry skin that come with years of sun damage, age, allergies, and fatigue. With so many benefits, Aperio’s Eye Cream restores that special area of your face that frames your glistening eyes.

gently pat a small amount to delicate under-eye areas.

Apeiro’s Eye Serum

For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children.


2 reviews for Advanced Eye Cream (25ml)

  1. Cassidy

    Love the Advanced Eye Cream so much that I will pout and complain to my husband when I run out. We shop at Infinite Beauty store in Bethesda and sometimes online. I highly recommend this eye cream to help remove black circles from your eyes.

  2. Mary Hutchison

    Honestly, I would have put this review up months ago; as I have use a number of Apeiro’s products for quite a while now and also adore them! But this website, as far as posting reviews is concerned, frankly stinks! I would take the time to write a review, hit submit, and it would disapper into thin air. Why? I discovered the two thin lines at the top are apparently used for name and email! No prompt or label … and no [please input this information in order to post your review]. Okay, on to the product review! I have deep set eyes to begin with but, I also have a 4 year old and was living with dark circles under my eyes until…. I found this product! Bye Bye dark circles, Bye Bye fine lines! I have used it religiously morning and night for 6 plus months ( and still have some in the container) and find myself not even using concealer!

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