Advanced Eye Cream (50ml)

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Artfully crafted specifically for the fragile, sensitive area just below those shining eyes

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Artfully crafted specifically for the fragile, sensitive area just below those shining eyes, Apeiro’s Eye Cream consists of a magnificent, natural formula specially synthesized with organic elements. This raw mix of the most potent anti-aging ingredients known to man instantly minimizes the appearance of unsightly lines and wrinkles.
Apeiro’s Eye Cream is developed using the apex of anti-aging science. This means dramatic improvement in the appearance of the under-eyes is just within reach. Utilizing cutting-edge and all-natural ingredients, corner creases, under-eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, lid creases, and under-eye lines are as good as gone with application. The under-eyes also experience reduced puffiness, dark circles, and dry skin that come with years of sun damage, age, allergies, and fatigue. With so many benefits, Aperio’s Eye Cream restores that special area of your face that frames your glistening eyes.

gently pat a small amount to delicate under-eye areas.

Apeiro’s Eye Serum

For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children.


6 reviews for Advanced Eye Cream (50ml)

  1. Peggy Brain

    For a while already I have been noticing the bags around my eyes getting bigger, and i’m just getting older…. I have been a customer at Infinite Beauty already for years, and my sales rep told me about this new revolutionary line called Apeiro Treatments. I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to try out this new line, and let me tell you, not only was I not disappointed… I was blown away. Everything about this line, starting with the packaging, down to the smell and texture is amazing! I am able to notice a significant difference in my skin under the eyes, and people are telling me I look great.

  2. Princess Chanelle

    I used this eye product and could not be happier! My fine lines have diminished, I am always getting compliments on my skin, and my girlfriend even asked me if I had an eye lift! This works like crazy! I highly recommend it!

  3. Gail DiBernardo

    This is the most amazing eye cream I have ever purchased. It literally blew my mind away when it was applied on only 1 eye and the difference was IMMEDIATELY noticeable. This is a must have. I went to get my hair done after using this product for 1 week, and everyone, I mean everyone was saying Gail, you look so good. I have been under a lot of stress and have and multiple surgeries. It showed in my face I looked washed out. They said you look so much younger Did you have work on eyes or something? that was only 1 week later!!!!!!!!!! A MUST HAVE

  4. Anne Zeigler

    My search for the perfect eye cream has ended. I am in love with Apeiro’s Advanced Eye Cream. It is fabulous and filled with amazing organic extracts and vitamins. Finding a product containing organic ingredients that actually worked was very important me. After my first application, I instantly noticed a huge difference. My eyes felt awake, hydrated, and smooth. Those fines lines were gone. My skin felt so soft. This lasted all day. It’s amazing! I am very excited to try other Apeiro products.

  5. Devon Pinedo

    Seriously falling in love with this brand, one product at a time. This eye cream has the most luxurious, creamy texture while also soaking in quickly and grease free. I swear it’s magic, you but it on before bed and my (unfortunate) puffy eyes have completely gone away with 5 days of use. Not to mention it comes with a adorable little spatula so you can apply it to you’re eye area without the oil from your fingers tips adding to the mix. Totally worth every penny and the packaging is gorgeous so I’ve been leaving it out on my vanity. Definitely found my new favorite.

  6. Katie

    A little goes a long way with this decadent cream that helps improve elasticity around the eye area. Use a tiny dab morning and night (you’ll be temped to really slap it on when you see how much younger your eyes look). I Loved this product and you will too!

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